WEEM Zirconia Aluminum Sanding Belt

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WEEM 3126-11 Floor sanding belts are use Y weight polyester coated Zirconia gain product. It is built with self-sharping Zirconia gain, resin over resin, close coated on durable, and heavy duty y weight waterproof polyester backing. It is making into size of 7 7/8” x 29 1/2 ” (200mm x 750mm), the right size for floor belt sander machine.

Self-sharping Zirconia gain heavy duty structure requires heavier pressure to break down the self-sharpening grains. It is ideal for heavy grinding on hard woods. This abrasive can last up to 5 times longer than aluminum oxide on tough applications for heavy stock removal to finishing sanding.

A closed coat product has a higher number of abrasive cutting points per square inch and results in higher stock removal rate and longer time before the abrasive wears out. Normally results in a better finish.


Wood Floor sanding, Belt sander

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