WEEM Sanding Belt

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WEEM R1126 SIC wide belts are built with durable Y weight waterproof polyester backing, close coated sharp silicon carbide gains, and anti-static treatment.

WEEM R1126 SIC wide belt is built on 100% polyester backing with antistatic treatment, which will provide advantage like: washable, toughness, longer life time etc. We chose sharp silicon carbide gains for WEEM R1126 to generate fast cut performance. Silicon carbide (SiC) is a very hard and crystal structure produces a fine straight edged grind lines. It is superior for its ability to penetrate with light cutting pressures. SiC is primarily used for grinding nonferrous materials such as brass, copper, bronze, and wood, glass, rubber and plastics. It is also used to finish polyurethanes, primers, lacquers and sealers.

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