Racking is defined as laying out the floor before it is installed. Racking becomes time saving and gives one a better idea of the overall color and appearance of the installation before it happens.  A lot of professionals and Do-It-Yourself’ers will pull one piece at a time from boxes and install it right away. This […]

Wood floors are ecologically friendly. Since it is a natural resource, wood is both renewable and recyclable. Many of yesteryear’s old wood ships, warehouses, barns, and other structures often find a second life in wood flooring. And, because wood does not collect dust and other allergens, many leading health associations and professionals agree that wood […]

No other flooring offers the warmth, beauty, and value than wood. Wood flooring enhances the décor of any room, and provides timeless beauty that will appreciate in value throughout the years. In fact, in a national survey of real estate agents, 90 percent said that houses with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices […]